Bridge Capital Lending

In the pursuit of attractive yields for our Client/Investors, Diversified Funding Group, LLC’s primary concern is the preservation of investor capital. We serve the southwestern part of the U.S.; Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Most of our transactions occur in cities accessible via a one-hour flight from Phoenix. DFG has identified a strong market niche in providing bridge financing for real estate transactions ranging from three months to two years, and mini-perms from three to five years. We are committed to providing a high level of service to investors and borrowers alike and believe that the combination of institutional quality underwriting and risk management together with an entrepreneurial spirit in structuring our loan investments has contributed to our outstanding results.

Our loan amounts range between $1,000,000 and $30,000,000.  Base term is up to 18 months. Loan types are interest only with a traditional LTV, or profit participation with a higher LTV.

Types of Loans Available

Loan between $1,000,000 to $30,000,000


Pricing is subject to underwriting review and dependent on the type of collateral.


DFG is generally able to quote a pricing range at the time a qualified request is submitted.

Property Types Include:

  • LAND










Bridge Loans

DFG's short-term loans generally range in duration from 3 months to 2 years.  These loans are funded in time intervals ranging from 10 to 30 days from the delivery of a complete due diligence package by the borrower.  While pricing of these loans are higher than traditional (bank) loans they are underwritten by the same standards as conventional loans and designed for qualified borrowers with immediate funding needs.

Junior Tranche Financing

Loan structure that accommodates higher LTV ratio (75% to 80%) and does not involve profit participation.  Borrowers must have good experience and have excellent credit. This loan structure would include a senior loan participant of up to 60% to 65% of the loan request leaving a shortfall of up to 20%.  DFG may then fund that shortfall in subordinate position to the senior lender while sharing in the same deed of trust. 

Participating Loans

Under certain circumstances DFG (through its funding arm and its public and private capital sources) may fund participating loans in a loan to cost ratio up to 95% of project acquisition costs. The loan will be secured by a senior lien and once the loan is paid back including interest due, the investor/lender will participate in profits according to terms negotiated within a finalized loan agreement. In most cases, preferred return is also paid as interest payable monthly, quarterly or annually.

Non-Traditional Loans
  • Land Banking - Acquisition and development of raw land from home-builder/developer to finished lots.

  • Distressed Debt - Acquisition of non-performing loans from lender portfolios in various stages of entitlement

  • Recapitalization - Restructuring of project debt and equity.

  • Preferred Equity / Joint Ventures



DIVERSIFIED FUNDING GROUP, LLC (DFG) is one of Arizona’s premier private lenders. DFG’s pool of capital flows from principals, private investors, public and private pension funds and institutions.

DFG provides financing for land, office, retail, industrial projects, residential subdivisions, apartments, mobile home parks and mini-warehouses.

With vast experience and knowledge in banking, commercial real estate lending, acquisition, development and construction, DFG understands both the investment hurdles that investors face, and the daily challenges borrowers encounter in financing their real estate projects. Acting as a direct lender and a creative facilitator of debt, DFG utilizes its network of past clients and brokers to effectively position itself in proven markets.

DFG is committed to providing a superior level of service to our investors and borrowers. We believe that sound underwriting, flexible debt structuring and conservative risk management have contributed to our consistent success.



Year Established


Total Loans Funded

$1.5 Billion+

Total Transactions Funded


$7.88M Loan - 80 Acres Scottsdale, AZ

$7.5M Loan - 338 residential lots Avondale, AZ

$14.9M Sale - 320 Acres Surprise, AZ

$11.3M DIP Financing- Days Hotel Scottsdale, AZ




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